Frequently Asked Questions

Start by searching our existing Internet content catalog containing already written and approved articles, blog posts, reviews and tutorials. Use the search function to search by keyword or use the advanced search to filter your results even further. If you're not sure what you want, browse through our topic categories for unique articles in your niche.

Step 1: Login Contentwale portal with your Seller/Author credentials

Step 2: Click ‘Write New Article’ button in the Dashboard

Step 3: Place the cursor in the body of the article.

Note: By default English is selected as the input language. In order to change it, press Ctl+M to switch between English and other languages

The 10 Indian languages option will now be available in the dropdown from which you can select your preference.

Step 4: Type the words in English and leave a space and you will find the text altered to your language.

Note: You can also copy paste this into your text bar and have a customized title for your article in your preferred language.

Yes! Submit an Article request through our Order system and copy writers will start the content writing process. These writers will then submit unique articles specific to your request. All articles are run through iThenticate and then reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that the articles' content meets our strict editorial standards.

While we have many unique articles available, sometimes you need content for website pages that is either ultra specific or requires a specific set of keywords. You may want to include the latest research or need articles that conform to unique guidelines. Placing a public or private request for Web content ensures that your specific requirements are met.

All Writers – Public requests are sent out to all content writers on the site by email and posted in the writer’s area on a public request list.

Favourite or Specific Writers – If you find a content writer that you enjoy working with or who has specific skills for your project, you can submit a request to that particular content writer only.

To prevent spam going out to all our writers, a human prescreens all requests. Requests are approved as quickly as possible.

After the request is approved, it is posted to our Articles Requested page and distributed via email to the appropriate Sellers i.e. article writers. Interested content writers will then begin submitting unique articles to the request. Once the articles' content is approved by our editorial review team, you will receive an email notifying you.
As the buyer, you are granted three days of exclusive access to the Web content submitted to your request before the articles become visible on ContentWale for anyone (including you) to purchase. Of course, there is no obligation to buy content if you find that the submissions do not meet your needs.

Once your request has been approved and is live on our site, website content writers interested in the request will start writing immediately. However, article writing requires time for research, writing, rewriting, references and proofreading. Once the article writer is satisfied and has uploaded the article to ContentWale, the content must undergo our strict editorial review process. Because you are waiting, our editorial team does prioritize requested Web content over general submissions. Expect at least two business days before unique articles begin appearing for your request.

You have three days of exclusive access to the content. During that time, only you can see the submissions. Once the three day period elapses, other customers can see, and may buy, the requested content. If a submission absolutely wows you, we recommend that you buy them before general release to our catalog. Additionally, once your request has been fulfilled, please update or close your request so that article writers don’t continue submitting articles to your request.
Many customers find that they need additional content for website pages, ezines, article marketing campaigns, and so on later. You can come back to pick up more Web content from the initial responses later if desired.

No problem. You're under no obligation to purchase any of them. In the unlikely case you do not get what you are looking for, please contact us and we will assist you in sourcing exactly what you need.

Some web content requests are not attractive to writers. For example, a request for a 3,000 word article with a Rs.500 budget will not generate many articles. Requests requiring specific training and knowledge or extensive research will be less popular than requests for topics that any good writer can cover.

There is no lower or upper limit for a project cost. Clients can mention a project price as per their budget, however, writers can negotiate prices while sending a proposal for a given project.

If you receive an article through the message system that has been pasted into the body of the message, it means that the article has not gone through the proper review process. Either the writer doesn't understand the submission process or is trying to circumvent the submission process.
In either case, you should be suspicious of the article's quality level and uniqueness. If an article doesn't go through our submission and approval process, you will not benefit from our editorial review and will have no way of knowing whether or not the article is original or if it has been stolen.
Accepting this type of content may leave your site open to penalties from search engines or lawsuits from other businesses. You should only accept articles that have been properly screened and made available to you through the correct channels.

Never share your contact details in any form with other ContentWale users. For doing so, your account will be banned, and you will lose all scopes of work at ContentWale.
Learn why is it so?

  • When you work outside ContentWale, you are breaching an agreed upon contract willfully. This calls for a justification. Why have the heck of hazards!
  • ContentWale guarantees complete payment for all accepted work through this platform. Why go guaranteeless and uninsured?
  • If a client is ready to work outside ContentWale, are you sure that he is not going to cheat? You may lose the entire payment amount, and ContentWale will be happy to let you know that it does not take any responsibility of transactions or non-transactions outside the portal.
  • Working on ContentWale does not mean less money. You know what to charge, so place your bid accordingly.
  • You are not losing anything by working on ContentWale, rather, you gain. You create a history of the work that you have done on ContentWale. Ratings and testimonials from clients will increase your possibility of getting more projects. Com'on, you cannot just lose the prospects you could have otherwise gained.
  • ContentWale has a continuous flow of potential projects for you at any point of time. This can be your regular workplace. Why would you want to ruin your future prospects

Go to the writer’s profile on ContentWale, then click on portfolio and look at all the sample work that the writer has done in the past.
Most writers do upload their sample projects to help clients gauge their skills and showcase their work.

If you are a content agency and are looking for writers, register as a Client, post projects and get your work done. On the other hand, if you are looking for writing projects, register as a Writer and get writing projects.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your buyer profile at
  • Go to My Orders menu
  • View the Status against your order. Eg. "Research", "Reference", "Arrangement"

Depending on the stage of the order, you may know when likely to receive it. Click here to read about our order tracking system