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3 Stages of your order completion

We, at Contentwale, as a matter of principle, ensure that each order is able to be followed by the Buyer. Through our 3 stage content preparation system, you will know the progress of your order and likely time of completion.

Research Stage

  • The very first stage where a writer garners data, statistics, facts etc. to validate your order needs.
  • The author might need a lot of support from you. So expect some queries or interactions from the admin while the order is been worked on.
  • Where copies need more of historical representations, this stage might be longer, nevertheless, its worthwhile.

Reference Stage

  • Wait, your order is not ready yet. But, it has gotten into a brisk pace.
  • The writers make a comparative and contemporary analysis of your need.
  • The internet is a gamut of opinions and interpretations. The author carefully analyses them and arrives at his conclusions.

Arrangement Stage

  • Isn't it wise to add a unique writing style, a pinch of creativity to your copy? The author does exactly that to make your copy read like an editorial piece you have always wanted.
  • As our writers know what vocabulary and phrase to choose to appeal to the right audience, we make it pleasing to your target audience.
  • Results!! Results!! And more Results!!. That's our focus in here.

Your order is finally ready to be served to you. Stay content!

Disclaimer: Depending on the order needs, the writer may take differential time at each stage.

How do I track which stage my order is in?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your buyer profile at www.Contentwale.in
  2. Go to 'My Order' menu
  3. View the Status against your order. Eg. "Research", "Reference", "Arrangement"

Depending on the stage of the order, you may know when likely to receive it.

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